I’ve been a Rambling Man for many years, and now in my 60th I intend to set out on a years perambulations while my body is still capable and my mind still inquisitive to know what lies beyond the next turn in the track.                                                                                   Struggling to overcome a luddite technophobia I set up this blog to record my modest adventures in the future  and as a memoir of some in the past.

I’ll leave behind a life deeply rooted in a few acres  of gardens and woodland in a quiet corner of western Ireland for awhile, to quench a wanderlust, happy to anticipate a return to the homestead.

I’ll be joining a motley crew of hikers walkers ramblers pilgrims and gentlemen and women of the road who wander the highways and byways at a speed where thoughts can settle and eyes can see.

May the road rise to meet us.


( My 60th year has come and gone and proved to be one of many adventures. This blog has been a useful repository for the words and images that can kick start a sluggish internal retrieval system so I continue to lodge stories of recent rambles to the deposit account in this digital memory bank. I hope they are of some interest )



  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for posting a comment on cicerone-extra today. I’m sure Paddy will be chuffed to bits. I wonder if you would like to write us an account of your Canaries trip for Cicerone-extra? It should give you some good exposure – we have around 1000 ‘subscribers’ already, and growing. We could place links to your blog site very easily, and add refers so you could see who came from the article. Just a thought!


  2. hi steve enjoying your blog sun is shining in soto bomba and alls well olives done bit of a poor harvest though waters fixed so doing a bit of cosmetic work to the old place if you have need of any air sea rescue or land don’t hesitate to phone the bat phone 00447947851752 or you can ring tammy on 657424933 got a job for beginning of feb but should be back for the big bash look after those feet x jim


    1. Thanks for the emergency numbers J. I may require an airlift to the top of La Palma. Maybe you and T could run up with my pack. Good training.
      Hope you can be there birthday weekend. And hope the elec is on by then. Any sign of a door sized hole yet?


  3. Just read your post about el hierro are you going to la gomera next check out the banana ketchup there v nice on fried fish for breakfast what date you hit mainland? Weather here just set in rain for a while watch out for the naked hippies in Valle gran Rey .jim


  4. Hi Steve,
    Enjoying reading your blog. Am off to Tenerife end of March.
    Want/hope to do a few overnighters up near Mt Teide. How many wild campers have you met on your travels there? I will be doing a bit of the ‘stealth’ stuff and lying low. Many Rangers about?
    I have ultra lightweight kit, but can see pitching a shelter with pegs won’t be on. Maybe a Tarp, trek poles and guylines around boulders ??? I don’t have a Bivi.
    Any better pitching options on lower slopes where there may be a bit more soil??
    Annie. Over 60, also.


    1. Annie, if your still with me i dont think youll have a problem finding somewhere to camp. The ground will be hard above 2000mt unless you go for ash but there should be places to tuck yourself away. The pine forest lower down are fine but often very slopey. Main problem up in Teide national park is lack of food or water. I think i would advise basing yourself in Vilaflor which is the highest village, has a network of paths around it and has a bus connection up to Teide every morning. You could get food and water there and head off for a couple of days at a time. And say hello to Rudi at Almazen if you decide to stay there. Good luck and buen camino.


  5. Hi Steve.Just been catching up with your blog and am feeling a touch of envy!I have calculated that my youngest Xavi will turn 18 3 months after i become 60 so i may follow in your footsteps!
    What a lovely way to spend your 60th year. I had no idea you were doing this until tonight after speaking to Sally. Myself and Flynne are hoping to see you on the 27th for the big 60.All the best and lots of love Ven


      1. Is that THE Bernie Daly? Of Taxi Driver and Death of a Skyviews Salesmen fame. Lord O’ Mercy ! Well found. Haven’t seen you since our first Xmas in the house and we’ve been here 20 yr. Get your boots on, we’re off round the Balearics !

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  6. Hi Steve, hope the birthday party was a good’un! Shame we couldn’t make it.. Enjoy the rest of your wanderings.. Lots of love Rik and Therese x


  7. Steevie, I thought I posted a comment but its gone….Happy 60th! Sorry to have missed it, love the blog , some wicked photos. What an amazing adventure your having….Happy eclipse and equinox 🙂 x


    1. You had Lucy, on Gran Canaria 7th FEB. Meant to reply a thanks but events took over! So thanks. This trip is now going city break tourist. Merida today then Madrid for a few days before I fly to Dublin. I’ll have time for hiking the miners way and the ox mountains and the Leitrim way so I’ll call in and see you( in the house?)


  8. Hi Steve; can only wonder at your travels , after having done (in blocks) the Ballyhoura weay, Lough Derg Way and the Beara Way…I cannot imagine how you keep your feet…you must have a few tips at this wise stage of your life.


    1. Hi hikeminded. I’ve just been having a look at your wonderful woodland photos on your blog which im now following. Thanks for your visits to mine.
      Ive inly just started the Gran Senda de Malaga but i know most of the country it goes through and am very much looking forward to the rest of it. Unfortunately i’ll have to do it bit by bit as it’s over 660 km and time off is short although the next leg is booked in for mid May.
      Menorca was lovely, a revelation. Pretty quiet and pretty flat with beautiful beaches. Recommended.

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  9. Hi, Steve! Thanks for lot of information about GR131 on Tenerife (I will read it full bit later). I plan to go there in the middle of January 2018, second big question for me (first – about water that i should take with me) is about temperature in the highest points of path. I saw few photos (made in march) with snow at overnight camping at GR131, so, I try to understand which temperatures I should be prepared to. I hope you will read it.


    1. Hi Yury, I was there end of January and i may have been lucky because the weather was fine and sunny. It is high altitude though so i would be prepared for the worst. I didn’t camp at the top but got a bus down to Vilaflor and back up again next day. I camped the following couple of nights in the forests on the descent to the coast.
      Water is available in the tourist facilities at the top and at the bar/restaurant at El Portillo.
      Good luck and happy trails


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